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Recommended Reading

This curated selection of readings, podcasts, and films are proposed, read, and discussed by The LP staff during a monthly reading group and serve to inform and motivate the work we do. 


Selected by Emma Colón, February 2022

Selected by Kemi Ilesanmi, January 2022

Selected by Moncho Alvarado, April 2022

Selected by Shana Wolfe, May 2022

Selected by Johnnay Leenay, June 2022

  • Some of the Things I Believe, Staceyann Chin
  • Poetry is Not a Luxury, Audre Lorde


Selected by Moncho Alvarado, November 2021

Selected by Ladi’Sasha Jones, October 2021

Selected by Julia Mata, September 2021

Selected by Ayesha Williams, June 2021

Selected by Nora Thajudeen, May 2021

Selected by Kemi Ilesanmi, March 2021

Selected by Moncho Alvarado, February 2021


Selected by Carol Loja, November 2020

Selected by Moncho Alvarado, October 2020

Selected by Ladi’Sasha Jones, September 2020

Selected by Hatuey Ramos–Fermín, June 2020

Additional Resources: 

Selected by Cievel Xicohtencatl, May 2020

Songs to Drift Away: 





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