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Joseph Cuillier and Shani Peters – The Black School : Harlem


Inspired by community run schools founded throughout Black American history, The Black School: Harlem is an experimental art school founded by Joseph Cuillier and Shani Peters that combines art making workshops with presentations and group discussions on radical Black political theory. During their residency with The LP, The Black School: Harlem took up residence in existing Harlem-based high schools and youth organizations. Visiting artists taught art making techniques such as creative writing, screen printing, collage, photography, and other forms of image making. Following study and discussion, students created collaborative site-specific projects that addressed community needs. Building on the principles of the Freedom Schools of the Civil Rights movement and The Black Panther Party’s Liberation Schools during the Black Power movement, The Black School uses a socially engaged proactive practice to educate Black/PoC students and allies on how to become radical agents of social and political change.

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