Tomie Arai

2012 Create Change Fellow | 2019-2020 Artist-In-Residence


Tomie is a visual artist who was born and raised in NYC. Tomie has painted community murals on the Lower East Side and has designed public works of art for programs across the county. These projects include a mural memorializing the discovery of the African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan for the General Services Administration; mosaic and ceramic murals for the NYC Board of Education; glass windscreens commissioned by the MTA Arts for Transit Program for the elevated Pelham Parkway subway station in the Bronx and a terrazzo lobby design for PS 130 in NY Chinatown. Her most recent public project is a series of architectural glass murals for the new Central Subway Station in San Francisco. Tomie is a co-founder of the Chinatown Art Brigade and began her relationship with The Laundromat Project as a Create Change Fellow in 2012.  She is currently an artist in residence at CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities.


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Creative Conversations: Tomie Arai and Betty Yu