Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte

2021 Create Change Fellow 2021 Creative Action Fund Awardee

Bed-Stuy | Poetry, Multi-Disciplinary, Graphic Design

Artist Bio
Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte (formerly Veit Jones) is a poet, writer, educator, genealogist, designer, healer, and organizer who synthesizes ancestral traditions, creative practice, and Hip-Hop culture as an Afro-Indigenous folkloric praxis. Tim was a Riggio Fellow at The New School, and is a graduate fellow at The Watering Hole. Prolific’s genealogical research has been synthesized with his spiritual practice into poetry through their latest book: Ofrenda para las ancestras, and the song “Purple,” which is an extension of the Sydnie L. Mosley multi-project universe PURPLE. Edwaujonte is the Visioning Partner (VP) for Institutional Culture at PURPOSE Productions, teaches Kuumba/Integrated Arts at Ember Charter Schools, and is the founder of the Owo Foro Adobe publishing and performance collaborative. He is from Uniondale (Long Island, NY), and lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York.

What is the role of art and culture for the future of the city?
“Art and culture are a vital part of how we as humans beings live. It is the expression of our imaginations through creative practice that allow us to feel, empathize, imagine, heal, and liberate. The future of art and culture in this city is equity rooted in Afro-Indigenous liberation, which would free us all.”

2021 Creative Action Fund |A Delicate Cycle: Laundromat Poetry

Loads of laundry are washed and dried and our BIPOC caretakers give their time and energy to caring for us in this small way more times in a year than we can count; how often do BIPOC mothers and caretakers get that time back and get to spend it making art, writing and reclaiming the oral tradition—this project brings free radical poetry workshops to our caretakers and provides access to artistic inquisitiveness and creativity in a moment of respite as one of the many chores of their day cycles on in the background; we activate their poetic abundance.

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