Ahmed Tijay Mohammed

Ghanaian-born artist Tijay Mohammed has exhibited his works national and internationally, including features at Katonah Museum of Art NY, Hudson River Museum NY, Materials for the Arts NY, Art League Huston, Longwood Art Gallery NY, Green Drake Art Gallery PA, and The National Museum of Ghana.

Tijay has also organized workshops and community-based projects for organizations including the Studio Museum Harlem NY, Hudson River Museum NY, Brooklyn Museum NY, Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling NY, Children’s Museum of Manhattan NY, Wallach Art Gallery NY, University of Ghana and Pinto Community Centre Trinidad and Tobago. 

In addition, he has received numerous accolades and residencies from The Laundromat Project NY, Children’s Museum of Manhattan NY, Hudson River Museum NY, Materials for the Arts NY, Ravel d’Art Cote d’ivore, Harmattan Workshop Nigeria, Global Crit Clinic and Asiko Artist Residency Ghana.

Among many grants, Tijay is a recipient of Arts Fund, Artist for Community and New Work grant from the Bronx Council on the Arts, and the Spanish Embassy Ghana Painters Award. He is committed to working with the diverse communities with which he surrounds himself.

The artist currently resides in The Bronx NY and also maintains a studio in Ghana.



Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

The African proverb “ubuntu (uu-boon-tuu, Nguni-Bantu),” meaning humanity towards others, served as the cornerstone for Tijay Mohammed’s residency project, Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are. Anchored in West African culture and traditions, the project focused attention on the South Bronx’s connection to migration and created a gathering space at the Kelly Street Collaborative to celebrate women, particularly those living within the community. Primarily using African wax fabric and incorporating other assorted materials and objects, participants created mixed-media portraits in tribute to loved ones, neighbors, and other women in their lives. Stories were shared throughout the process and captured through audio and visual documentation to accompany the portraits.