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Sackona Fitts

Sackona Fitts


Love, multimedia storytelling (poetry, photo, video, sculpture)

Artist Bio
Sackona Fitts is a Black Queer Femme educator, youth advocate, and multimedia artist from Boston, MA. Her journey into media-making is deeply inspired by historically marginalized, community-centered people power through authorship, storytelling, and community organizing. She is a former youth organizer, received her BA in History, Creative Writing and Media Production at Hampshire College, and is a recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. Her work “Beyond Bricks and Bubblegum” was shown in a group exhibition in 2017 at the Hampshire College Art Gallery. Currently, Sackona is based in the Bronx, where she works as an after-school educator at the Bronx Documentary Center and is focusing on creating her first chapbook.

What Does Abundance Mean To You?
“Abundance is the dance and struggle between theory and the practice of love; where love has existed for ourselves, our communities, and where we want it to exist in our daily lives, communities, and futures. Maximizing our theory of change with realistic practice, maximizing our opportunity to utilize our privilege and oppression to continue, create and redistribute access to the future we all deserve.”

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