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Rose Petal Refuge


Zeelie Brown

Dance, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Performance, Social Practice



Rose Petal Refuge: Mental Wellness Workshops for Queer & Trans* People of Color will include three Soulscape installations in Harlem community parks and greenspaces. The Soulscapes will act as spaces of sanctuary for queer and trans* people of color, upholding spirit, self-love and emotional wellness. A series of healing and mental wellness workshops will take place inside each installation, and incorporate sensory experiences using herbs, aromatherapy, taste, and guided meditation. In addition, each Soulscape will feature pairings of bleach paintings–serving as subtle delineations of space for collective engagement and action–along with custom-made music to set the intimacy of each workshop.


*Recognizing the full transgender spectrum



Zeelie is an interdisciplinary artist whose spiritual work conjures together Afro-Atlantic religious cultures to form Soulscapes–black, transfeminine, utopic, technopolitical sanctuaries. Her practice manifests revolutionary beauty to offer spaces of anti-patriarchal gentleness, light, and warmth.


Upcoming, she will open for the Sun Ra Arkestra with YATTA, and also present at “The Between: Couple Forms, Performing Together,” symposium, hosted by NYU’s Department of Performance Studies in association with Women & Performance Journal. Current fellowships include: Audre Lorde Project Trans Justice Community School Fellow, an Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellow at the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute for (CCCADI), a Column Shifting Fellow at Flux Factory, and a Southern Constellations Fellow at North Carolina’s Elsewhere.



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