Elizabeth Rossi

2017 Create Change Fellow


Elizabeth Rossi is multi-dimensional visual artist working with paint, photography, poetry, and sculpture. She uses arts as a tool for activism. Elizabeth has facilitated trainings, workshops, and created curriculum around community organizing, sexual violence, Know Your Rights, and the prison industrial complex with a large emphasis on how women of color are affected by these issues.

What is your favorite book, film or song about NYC?

“One of my favorite genres is young adults, which adults should read too. One of my favorite books is the “The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano” by Evelyn Serrano. It is about a teenage girl growing up in East Harlem in the late 1960’s during a time of great change in this country. She is exposed to the young lords through her grandmother who teaches political education with them. This book has so many layers including her journey of being politicized, who do we consider our heroes, the importance of neighborhood activism as we connect to larger political issues, and how human we all are in trying to figure out how to love each other through all of this. Great book.”