Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez/FEEGZ

About the Artist

Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez / FEEGZ Caribbean New Yorker, Atheist on some days, Non Theist Agnostic on others, Liberal, Socialistish, Agitator, Ethical Polyamorist, Marijuana Enthusiast, HS dropout, GED holder, Autodidact, Educator, Debater, White people fearing, All people loving, LGBTQ allying, Non Latino identifying, Hip Hop, Sneaker, Comic and Sci-fi loving Dominican Puerto Rican Interdisciplinary Artist born on a military base in North Carolina in 1976. Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez a.k.a FEEGZ, Figaro & Firo173 has exhibited taught and spoken in dozens of institutions nationally and internationally. Washington Heights NYC since 82, (