462 Halsey Community Farm

462 Halsey Community Farm was conceived by Bed-Stuy residents and opened in 2012 with the goal of a thriving agricultural and community center, providing residents with a chance to grow and share healthful food and foster connections with neighbors and land. The garden consists of a few private beds for old time residents and 750 square feet of communal growing space cultivated and cared for by members and volunteers. We also have compost bins for food scrap drop offs and process hundreds of pounds of food scraps each month.

During the growing season we offer an affordable CSA program that includes freshly harvested produce and local eggs sourced from Grow NYC. Over the years our space has been utilized by educators and organizers like NYC’s Green Guerillas youth internship program and the Free Black Woman’s Library, and our gates are open daily for the community to enjoy.

Sustainability + Nourishment + Healing Workshop Series

We will host a series of hands-on community arts and educational gatherings, each focusing on different ways we can cultivate and nourish our gardens, as well as how we can receive the gifts of the garden to nourish and heal ourselves and each other. We will delve into composting, preparing and preserving local plants, utilizing medicinal herbs, seed saving, and more. We will paint signs and make art to enliven the composting corner and express ourselves throughout the shared space.

Create & Connect Fund Applicants: Heather Simon and Alice Forbes Spear