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Nayo Sasaki-Picou and Alethea Pace in Creative Conversation

2017 Create Change Fellows Alethea Pace and Nayo Sasaki-Picou used the language of movement to explore the creative process and its challenges, both as dancers and women of color.



These series of images look at the process as a dancer and someone who uses movement as a medium of artistic expression, who is reflecting on what process looks like as a woman, as a woman of color and what finding space looks like within that process. Particularly when making work, finding spaces to comfortably explore ideas and are artistic work and then how the product, how the movement manifests through a female body which I describe as a visible invisibility. Even though the body is being used and, used as a tool for artistic expression, what kinds of things within the movement are seen or not seen, or invisible to the audience. And I am constantly exploring what that means as a female artist of color. The visible invisibility that I feel when trying to share my work, trying to reach audiences in the most in depth way but also intentional way. These series of images reflect not only the physical process of finding spaces to do that, but also the metaphorical process of sharing the work.



Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes your partner has to work. Sometimes your mom gets sick. Sometimes you lose track of time. Sometimes you’re doing the best you can. Sometimes you have to pay the rent. Sometimes you get stuck on the train. Sometimes you don’t feel like talking. Sometimes your improv sucks. Sometime you’re getting older. But you still have a body.



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