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Meet Stanley Cadet

Meet Stanley Cadet, 2015 Create Change Fellow

Meet our 2015 Fellows!


Please tell us of an artist, curator, activist, or project that has influenced you or inspired you?

I always admired Keith Haring for his “Crack is Wack” 1986 graffiti mural. He addressed a community problem with his art and never ask the city for permission to create the artwork in the playground. Due to the importance of the message, his art work still stands today and is protected by the city. That’s impressive.


Please tell us about a place in your neighborhood that is personally meaningful to you, and why?

I am walking distance to our local area park. The park provides space for basketball, soccer, skate ramps, bike paths, swings, slides, and more. The park also sits on the water and has a marshy area with views of the bay, which I love. I photograph in the park, I play in the park, I exercise in the park. I love the park because it supports healthy active lifestyles in a natural serene setting.


What is your favorite book, film or song about NYC?

I grew up in hip hop culture, so I would have to say that one of my favorite films about NYC is “Wildstyle”. It was a film that truly caught the b-boy culture of break dancing, graffiti art, and rhyming in New York during the 80’s.


If you have an idea of a blog post or topic you’d like to contribute to our blog, please share below!

I would love to continue seeing posts inspiring and providing advice to artists from experienced artists, curators, community leaders and the like, on how to navigate the art community. I would also like to read more personal stories of artist speaking about their art and activism.


Stanley Cadet is a photographer based in Baldwin, NY. He is fascinated by the living world and creates portraits and lifestyle photographs to attempt to understand, admire, research, and interpret the natural beauty of our surroundings as well as the complexities of life forms on this earth.

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