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Meet Marcus Ellington, Board Member

Get to know Marcus Ellington, who joined The Laundromat Project’s Board of Directors in May 2017:

As a supporter of the arts, what do you feel is your connection to the arts?

I come from a family of artists. My Grandfather from Jamaica was a oil painter and a musician, I have several musicians in my family, and my father is a jeweler. I grew up with an appreciation of art, and as a young child, always enjoyed how it can make you feel and how much art can empower communities.


You have an extensive career in marketing and media, having worked with CBS, Radio One, and now Google and YouTube. Can you tell us about an organization or project that was a particular highlight of your work and/or what inspires you to do this work?

I have been fortunate in my career to work at some extremely successful media companies starting with my time at CBS, and now heading media and entertainment sales at Google. At Google/YouTube, I work with some of the biggest brands in television and have been involved with advertising campaigns for: Comedy Central’s launch of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah; BET’s New Edition Mini-series premiere; and most recently Showtime’s launch of Twin Peaks. What I have really appreciated at Google has been the opportunity to take on projects outside of my core job, to give back. Every year we have a Google Give week in which we volunteer to work with a charity on non-profit for a week. Whether it’s working with veterans to write resumes, or working with elderly on computer skills, I have found these projects some of the more fulfilling opportunities that inspire you and keep you driven in your day-to-day work.


What neighborhood do you live in? What’s your favorite thing about it?

I currently live in Bed-Stuy, New York. Bed-Stuy is a true community. Your neighbors say hello to you. That is what I love about living here. On Mother’s Day, Bed-Stuy is a place where if a woman is standing with her children on the corner, people driving will pull up and stop at the light, honk their horn, whind down their window and shout, “Happy Mother’s Day.”


Bed-Stuy is community…it’s home.


What attracted you to The LP and excited you most about joining the board?

Being a resident of Bed-stuy, I really appreciated that The LP spoke to and represented the community I live in with my family. I liked The LP’s vision for art and social change. The events I have attended all had the same theme: they all represented their communities but also came from a place of empowering communities about how art and storytelling can help bring communities together and help drive awareness for social change.


What song gets you going when work is hard?

I was born and raised in Hackney, London. For those that don’t know, London is a very multi-cultural city, with a rich Caribbean and African community. Those decedents have created a genre of Hip Hop we call “Grime.” When I’m going hard, you can find me listening to some of the stars of Grime–whether, Stormzy, Skepta, Bugzy, or Wretch 32. It’s hard beats, bass, with grimey, London bars. I’d encourage anyone to check it out on YouTube.


What’s your favorite food?

My family is Jamaican. I would say my all time favorite meal is Ackee and Salt fish. My grandma in London would make it for breakfast. There is nothing like it; delicious.

Marcus Ellington is the Head of Industry for Media and Entertainment at Google, where his team oversees Google and YouTube’s cable television advertising business. Marcus has been in digital advertising for over a decade, helping marketers use digital solutions to tell brand stories, reach consumers and drive results. He began his career at CBS Television Stations in digital sales marketing where he developed campaigns for CBS On-air franchises such as March Madness, Grammy’s, and US Open Tennis. Marcus then worked at Radio One as Director of Ad Sales for Interactive One where he focused on helping brands reach multicultural consumers. Marcus is passionate about new emerging trends in media and technology and loves to work with partners that have this same drive to push the boundaries and try new innovative approaches. Marcus holds a BA in communications from Temple University and in 2015 graduated from Duke University’s Google Global Business Academy.

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