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Meet Ladi’Sasha Jones, Artist Engagement Manager

Ladi’Sasha Jones joined our team as our Artist Engagement Manager in September 2018. Get to know more about her!


What attracted you to The LP?

The LP’s vision and mission attracted me to the organization, along with its staff leadership and successful record of developing and enacting community arts engagement models.


What The LP value do you most relate to and why?

The three value areas I am most connected to are Nurture Creativity, Create Change, and Value Place. Although all six values are in alignment with my personal politics and professional practice, these three areas volumize the work I aim to contribute to urban and working-class communities of color. Investing in the longstanding modes of cultural production within a community through meaningful collaboration is where my commitment lies as an arts administrator. Acknowledging and amplifying the cultural assets and capital that are already alive and present within a community or a region through art is central to valuing a place and developing strong, effective, and lasting change.

Like the Laundromat Project, I believe that artists are dynamic propellers of radical social change. Organizing impactful interchanges with and between neighbors and strangers is how I would approach relationship building across difference. Working not from a transactional or exchange model of cultural arts investment, but one shaped around working in-community to address the challenges we all face to build and sustain smart and healthy neighborhoods. Art enables creative use of the commons, public sites and spaces that offer a more accessible, flexible and open setting for diverse publics, to assemble and engage with one another. Through my investment in curating public programming, I also believe that creating interdisciplinary and family oriented public platforms that are activated by a diverse set of cultural producers and thinkers can foster inclusive convening spaces for new relationships to emerge. This approach embodies the three values to Nurture Creativity, Create Change, and Value Place as it involves working with community members on local site-specific projects to move the needle forward towards collectively creating an urban future we all can be happy and healthy within.


What is your favorite… film?

Selena, Little Miss Sunshine, and “still/here” by Christopher Harris


D’Angelo’s Voodoo


Pasta, Tiramisu, and Nachos

Can you tell us about an artist or project that has inspired you?

Rashida Bumbray’s “FunkGodJazzMedicine” is a very inspiring project to me.

In what neighborhood do you currently live in?

Central Harlem

In your opinion, why does art matter?

Art making is a part of a people’s cultural production, which I believe is vital to politics and practices of survival and resistance.


Ladi’Sasha Jones is an alumna of The LP’s Fellowship program (2013), and is also an accomplished writer, and curator. She has written for Aperture, Avery Review, IAM magazine, Houston Center for Photography, Temporary Art Review, and Recess among others. Ladi’Sasha was the Sophie Davis Curatorial Fellow for Gender and Racial Parity at the Norton Museum of Art. She held prior appointments at the New Museum’s IdeasCity platform and NYPL’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. As a founding board member of the I, Too, Arts Collective, Ladi’Sasha is a part of a group working to transform the historic landmark brownstone of American poet James Mercer Langston Hughes into a residency for Black writers. She holds a B.A. in African American Studies from Temple University and a M.A. in Arts Politics from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts. Ladi’Sasha will be working with the programs team and among many other things she will reimagine our alumni engagement strategies. You can follow her on Twitter at @ladiglory and on Instagram at @ladi.sasha.

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