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Meet Kevin Rabsatt,
The LP’s Newest Board Member!

Our LP family is growing! Get to know Kevin Rabsatt, who recently joined The Laundromat Project’s Board of Directors:

As a supporter of the arts, why does art matter?

I’ll borrow the words of one more eloquent than I: “I love voting though know art and not power is what changes human character.” From “Love,” by Alex Dimitrov.

What is your neighborhood? What’s your favorite thing about it?

Uptown. Technically, Hamilton Heights. My favorite thing about it is the mix of tranquility and turn up.

Can you tell us about a project/event/moment that was a particular highlight of your personal/professional work?

After the quake in Haiti, a friend of mine and I worked around the clock to build a data interchange for Google Person Finder that allowed a bunch of other similar services to plug in their data. This helped a lot more people check up on their loved ones while leaving a little more of the communications infrastructure open for relief efforts.

What song gets you moving and going when work gets hard?

Anything from Reasonable Doubt to Je Te Veux to Something Rotten, I am the child of a music teacher, so I’m pretty open when it comes to what can inspire me musically.

What’s your favorite home-cooked dish?

I love food. All food. Especially hot (temp) food. If I had to pick one dish to eat right now, it would be butter conch.

Kevin Rabsatt is a Senior Software Engineer at Jigsaw, a unit within Google, where he leads a team of socially minded engineers to develop technology to make the world safer.

While at Google, Kevin has led the technical teams behind products used by millions of users around the world. His work spans product areas across the Google portfolio from Classroom to Drive and GSuite to Maps. Currently at Jigsaw, Kevin is using his technical expertise to build products that seek to create positive change. He is part of a team that uses technology to tackle social issues including disinformation, online harassment, and censorship. Outside of his technical work, Kevin also takes the time to mentor and help build diversity and inclusion at Google. Kevin is an experienced technologist and prior to Google, he built software as part of the Microsoft Dynamics and Windows Media Divisions.

Kevin lives in Harlem with his wife and two boys. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering & Computer Science, and an MS in Multimedia and Creative Technologies from the University of Southern California.

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