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Meet Giovannah Philippeaux, Development & Communications Intern (CUNY Cultural Corps)

Giovannah Philippeaux joined our team as our Development & Communications Intern in September 2018. Get to know more about her.


How did you get connected with The LP?

I got connected with The LP through the CUNY Cultural Corps program. 


What are you most excited about as you begin your time at The LP?

I’m excited to be working with an organization that has a value of “Be Propelled By Love.” It is radical, and to have it as an organizational value speaks volumes about The LP. I am excited to see how The LP turns love in to action.


Can you tell us about an artist or project that has inspired you?

I am inspired by the artists and creatives that find the time to create even when there is no time left, when they are tired/exhausted, or when they feel dissuaded. I am inspired by the artist who creates in despite of …[fill in the blank]…


In what neighborhood do you currently live in?

New York

In your opinion, why does art matter?

When has art not mattered? Why does art matter? Art matters because: it can bring order to chaos; it can bring beauty from the abhorrent; it can bring hope to the despaired; it can remind us of our higher selves and our better nature.

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