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Meet George Suttles, The LP’s Newest Board Member!

Our LP family is growing! Get to know George Suttles, who joined The Laundromat Project’s Board of Directors in 2019:

As a supporter of the arts, why does art matter?

Art is the soul and spirit of a civilization, so we all need art and access to it in order to express ourselves and connect with one another.

What attracted you to The LP and excited you most about joining the board?

The mission and the people.

What is your neighborhood? What’s your favorite thing about it?

As a NYC native who has lived in a few neighborhoods, it is always the people and the vibe. Love Bed Stuy, East Village, BX, but Harlem all day when it is said and done.

Can you tell us about a project/event/moment that was a particular highlight of your personal/professional work?

Joining this board! Easy.

What song gets you moving and going when work gets hard?

Anything by Coltrane or Lil Wayne.

What’s your favorite home-cooked dish?

Whatever my momma is cooking, I’m eating. God bless her.

George Suttles is the Director of Research, Commonfund Institute at Commonfund. He previously served as a Program Officer with The John A. Hartford Foundation, a private, nonpartisan, national philanthropy dedicated to improving the care of older adults. He has also held roles in the philanthropic divisions of U.S. Trust, Anthem Foundation, and the New York State Health Foundation. In additional to his role on The Laundromat Project board, he also serves on the nonprofit boards of Odyssey House, The Support Center, and Drive Change Inc.

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