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Meet Chloe Lin, Media & Storytelling Coordinator

Chloe joined The LP team as our Media & Storytelling Coordinator in April 2022. Get to know more about her!

In what neighborhood do you live?

I live in Bed-Stuy.

How did you first become connected to The LP, or hear about The LP?

I first heard about The LP a while back from a casual conversation with my coworker at my first job out of college. She was a volunteer at The LP and raised money for the People-Powered Challenge. The LP has been on my radar ever since!

So, what attracted you to The LP? How does working here relate to your professional goals?

The LP’s commitment to community engagement and social justice resonates with me. As a cultural worker and an activist, I have been looking for spaces to engage with my passion for art and social justice practice.

Do you have your own creative practice? If so, tell us more!

I studied photography in college. Photography was the entry point for me to discover art and art history. I shoot both digital and analog, one of my favorite classes in college was a large format class. Shooting with a large-format camera taught me to look closely and be patient. Developing film and printing the photographs in the darkroom is an arduous process, but to me, the process is super meditative! The pandemic made it a lot harder to have access to a darkroom and I can’t wait to get back into it again.

Can you tell us about an artist or project that has inspired you?

I really like Andre Wagner’s work. You can see his connection with the Bed-Stuy/Bushwick community through his photographs. Whether it’s a picture of kids riding their bikes on the street or a Brooklynite interacting with a bodega owner, he captures the lyrical nuances of daily life in Brooklyn.

What is your favorite… film? …album? …food?

I recently watched a film called Everything Everywhere All At Once and this film is unlike any film I’ve seen in years. I have been watching Michelle Yeoh’s films (90s Hong Kong cinema!) since I was a little kid. Seeing her on the big screen in America is very surreal! My favorite food is dim sum–it’s what I grew up eating every Saturday morning with my family. Now that I live in Brooklyn, I definitely took it for granted because it was so accessible when I lived in Chinatown. I don’t have a favorite album but I often listen to the Smoke Machine Podcast on Soundcloud and they feature many talented techno DJs.

Where do you do your laundry?

Down the block from me on Bedford Avenue!

In your opinion, why does art matter?

Making art allows our creativity to flourish and helps us to reflect.

What LP value do you most relate to and why?

The LP’s values I relate to the most are nurturing creativity and being POC-centered. Everyone should have access to art-making to nurture our creativity. Our voices are often ignored and I appreciate The LP for giving space and valuing the voices of the BIPOC community.

Chloe Lin is a cultural worker, interpreter, artist, and activist. She is from Shenzhen, China, and grew up in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Chloe is an active member in multiple organizations and mutual aids, and a strong advocate for issues such as anti-displacement, workers’ rights, food security, and more. She holds a BA in Visual Arts with a concentration in Photography, and New Media and Digital Design from Fordham University. Before joining The LP, she worked at the New York City Council, International Center of Photography, and Anton Kern Gallery. In her downtime, you can find her searching for the best food in the city and running her food mutual aid project Angry Papaya.


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