Meet Board Member Patton Hindle

Join us in welcoming Patton Hindle to The LP fam! Patton recently joined our board of directors, so we sat down with her for a short Q&A.

The LP: As a supporter of the arts, why does art matter?
PH: Art uplifts stories. Art elucidates connections. Art incites dialogue.
The things that have seemed overlooked, hard to address, or challenging to connect over can all be tackled through the power of Art. And of course, there’s that feeling in your gut, the one when you see a piece/exhibition/project that moves something within you that is irreplaceable and that words fail to describe. Art is the space we turn to when we’re in want, and for that we owe artists a lifetime of support and care.

LP: What attracted you to The LP and excited you most about joining the board?
PH: Many years ago (I think a decade, in fact!), when I was a director of a gallery in the Lower East Side, two young women came in and handed me a xeroxed flyer for an exhibition up in a neighborhood laundromat. I was so taken with their goal of centering art in an everyday space so that their neighborhood could have access that I began to follow this somewhat nascent organization, The Laundromat Project, who facilitated this important work. Over the years, I’ve been moved watching the LP support and offer tools to artists and organizers to implement change in their own communities. These resources have allowed for joy and equity to be created right in their own neighborhoods and have proven generative. I’m truly excited to formalize my longtime support of The LP by joining the board and championing the great work of the organization.

LP: What’s your favorite home-cooked dish?
PH: I grew up in London, also a large city, but my parents always managed to find a flat with some small outdoor space so that my mother could grow her own herbs and tomatoes. We’re fortunate to have some outdoor space at our home in Clinton Hill and have followed suit, growing our own vegetables and herbs this past year. From our basil harvests, I make my mother’s pesto (often over pasta or some salmon)—a dish I always crave! Our 5 year old son is now starting to help in this process and we love sharing with him both this tradition but also the importance of nurturing and caring for plants that provide for you.

Patton Hindle is the Head of Arts at Kickstarter, where she oversees the Arts and Film team whose specialists work closely with visual and performing artists, filmmakers, arts organizations, museums, and cultural institutions around the world to help them realize creative and ambitious ideas. She is a co-author of the second edition of How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery and was a 2019 Catherine Hannah Behrend Fellow at 92Y Women inPower in New York. Additionally, Hindle regularly advises for-profit and nonprofit arts organizations on strategic business development. She was raised in London and attended university in Boston.