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Meet Alix Camacho Vargas, Programs Intern

Get to know Alix Camacho Vargas, our Summer 2017 CUNY Cultural Corps Programs Intern.

Get to know Alix Camacho Vargas, our Summer 2017 CUNY Cultural Corps Programs Intern:


So, what made you decide to intern with The LP? How does the internship relate to your studies?

I decided to intern with The LP because it is an ideal place to keep learning about the potential of art to influence social transformations. I was motivated by The LP’s intention to connect art and everyday life while strengthening communities and building social relationships.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in art, a specialization in art and education, and an MFA with a concentration in social practice. In other words, I have an academic background that helps me to think about art from an interdisciplinary perspective. Therefore, I consider the LP relates to my studies given that it expands both notions and bounds of art. This project opens the spectrum regarding the place that art can occupy in society.


Do you have your own creative practice? If so, tell us more!

Yes, I do. My creative practice involves both collaborative and individual processes. Those processes are mostly research-based and understand art as an interdisciplinary form to explore and experiment around particular questions. Right now, I am working about people together in a same physical space. I am curious about elements such as time, distance, height, and body proximity that are part of those spaces. I design games, instructions, diagrams, and other works looking to produce experiences for the public. I create situations for participants noticing other elements that are also part of our daily social interactions.


Can you tell us about an artist or project that has inspired you?

Chemi Rosado Seijo’s work has inspired me. Particularly, his projects El Cerro in Naranjito and the Bowl in La Perla, Puerto Rico. I met Chemi and his work in 2012, while I was doing a program called “La Práctica ” in Beta Local, a space that also has influenced me a lot. What inspired me most about his projects is that the community understands them as own. Participants get involved in all stages of the process, thinking, making, using the spaces. I admire the way Chemi connects with people and strengthens community bonds through his art.


What is your favorite… film?

My favorite movie Playtime by Jacques Tati.



Where do you do your laundry?

I do my laundry at “Do Re Mi Laundromat” in Elmhurst, Queens.

In your opinion, why does art matter?

Art enables humanity to experience the world in other forms. It brings images, ideas, and situations that won’t be possible if is not because they are understood as art. Art is a space where it is possible to think critically while imagining and building other ways of living.

Alix Camacho is an interdisciplinary artists. She holds an MFA in Social Practice from CUNY, Queens College. Through her practice, she addresses the relationship between art, everyday life, and social change. Find out more about her at


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