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Event Recap: Abolitionist Storywork

Abolitionist Storywork: Weaving Collective Narratives of Freedom was a five-part virtual public program hosted by The Laundromat Project and curated by Radical Imagination Fellow Piper Anderson. Held on September 23 & 24, 2021, the event brought together practitioners working in oral history, community archive development, and an interdisciplinary range of narrative justice strategies to create community care, safety, and liberation. ⁠

Watch the event recordings below, and visit the event listing to read more about the panelists.

Part 1 | Naming to Repair: Documenting Narratives of State Violence

A dialogue amongst practitioners who utilize a range of narrative strategies to document and expose state violence committed against targeted communities. Featuring Andrea Ritchie, Gabriel Solis, and Sarita Daftary. Moderated by Dylan Brown.


Part 2 | COVID in Confinement: Archiving the Pandemic in Prisons and Jails

Story workers from the Rikers Public Memory Project and Texas After Violence share lessons learned from their projects, excerpts of narratives from each archive, and discuss the ways the pandemic has further revealed how deeply entrenched health inequities are in systems of confinement. Featuring Regina Campbell and Murphy Carter.


Part 3 | Developing Aftercare Practices

Piper Anderson shares practices that she has utilized to center care, healing, and connection at every phase of the story gathering process.


Part 4 | Untold X Presents Five Things with Free Bangura: Portal Keepers Edition

Join independent historical strategist Free Bangura for a workshop featuring her interactive toolkit designed to help changemakers discover which of their abolitionist superpowers work best to dismantle the systemic inequity that we were collectively born into.


Part 5 | Remembering Ourselves Free

A discussion on the collective healing power of gatherings grounded in story. Featuring Amita Swadhin, Jonel Beauvais, and Emilce Quiroz. Facilitated by Piper Anderson.

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