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Event Recap: 2022 Create Change Fellows Presentation

The 10 Create Change Fellows designed community engaged public art activations in connection with The LP’s storefront space in Bed-Stuy. Working in groups, Fellows implemented The LP’s approach to community-based art making, asset mapping, and cultural organizing by developing projects in Bed-Stuy, considering what it means to enter a community and engage neighbors via a central corridor like Fulton Street, a playground, and a public square.

In the 2022 Create Change Fellows Presentation, three artist groups reflected on the development of their project designs and takeaways from their Fellowship experience: “Flags of Bed-Stuy” featuring Brianna Harlan, Duneska Suannette Michel, Madjeen Isaac, and Mon M.; “Sidewalk Dreams” featuring Jessica Cortez, Kyra Assibey Bonsu, Shari Jones, and Walis Johnson; and “Spread Out!” featuring Jing Dong and Natalia Guzmán Solano.

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