Interview with Shani Peters

The Laundromat Project commissions awesome New York City artists to make special edition prints and design merchandise. The sale of these items helps The LP bring fun, accessible, community-responsive arts programming to laundromats and other public spaces across the city. To purchase a print or tote bag, please click here.

Tell us about your LP commissioned tote bag.

My LP design was originally created to adorn the bottom half of mock pawn broker promotional sandwich boards worn for my social practice public project We Promote Knowledge & Love. The project borrows the aggressive street advertising tactics of pawnbrokers in low-income communities as a vehicle to promote knowledge, wisdom, self-empowerment and love rather than commerce, material value, or monetary wealth. It is designed to upset attributions of value and incite re-evaluations of both outright and passively held notions of worth. It just so happens that the design fits equally pleasingly on a tote bag. When the bags are carried, the concept spreads further.


What inspired you to support The Laundromat Project?

LP’s standard for excellence. And because LP takes it to the people. Art, inspiration, empowerment… all of it!

What’s your neighborhood? Why there?

Uptown Baby!! Malcolm found his way from Lansing to Harlem, what better footsteps to follow?

What’s your favorite thing about your neighborhood?

That flavor is called: “Neo-Negro-Rock-Bottom-Shrewd”TM

Definition: the distinct perspective of blackness that has seen both the highest heights of race pride and the very bottoms of drug-addicted depravity; that doesn’t loose its cool over either extreme, anymore.

What one thing would you change about your neighborhood?

Bike paths, let’s have some. And I’d like to see video art/experimental film… all over this piece!


What are you reading now?

Black Arts West by Daniel Widener

Your dream last meal?

A roughage rich salad. I’m going to need to clear out the system for this… Lobster, sCrimps, New Orleans fried oysters, cheese grits, garlic sautéed spinach,

Amy Ruth’s biscuits… Cheesecake covered in chocolate, pecan and caramel goodness.

What’s your favorite texture?

The other side of the pillow.

What song gets you going when work is hard?

I have multiple play-lists compiled for just this function, but I’ll go with…

24 Hour Karate School by Mr. Yasiin Bey.

“Learn the sweet science: Belieeeve in yourself.” 🙂

What’s your favorite word?


What most inspires your work?


What your favorite thing about editioned work?

Accessibility!! 1 part means of mass production/ 2 parts hand-printed love. Get some!!

Learn more about Shani by visiting her website.

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