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Gina Goico: 2018-2019 Kelly Street Artist-in-Residence

The LP and The Kelly Street community are excited to welcome Gina Goico as The LP’s third Kelly Street Artist-in-Residence. The LP first worked with Gina two years ago when she was a teaching artist for our annual Greening the City Festival at The Annual Hunts Point Fish Parade and Summer Festival.

“Having a residency that encourages social practice and community engagement, and provides support for one’s projects is what I’ve been dreaming of for quite a while. The even “cooler” thing about this is that I am still in my borough… close to home, close to work=#ArtistDaydreams. Having this [studio] space will allow me to host my creative session—new performances, new textile art, installations? Who knows?! Come by and find out.”

Some of Gina Goico’s recent work

Get to know more about Gina:

Who is an artist, curator, activist, or project that has influenced you or inspired you?

I get inspiration and influence by a lot of people and projects. To not go on a huge list I’ll focus on a constant one: Women in the grassroots social and political justice groups in my hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I would specifically refer to Yaneris Gonzalez a woman who organizes, designs and has beautiful projects ongoing to decolonize Dominican Culture in the island. I had the pleasure of joining some of her projects while being back home, and to this day, I still get inspiration from our conversations.

Tell us about a place in your neighborhood that is personally meaningful to you, and why?

I’d say Van Cortlandt Park and my bodega. The bodega is central in my everyday routine–the usual coffee and sometimes the beer, but also a meeting place for the neighbors on my block where we update each other with local news and foreign affairs from our countries. Van Cortlandt has become my thinking spot, my decompression park and my Sunday afternoon dance session space. I am so grateful to having a park where I can find solitude and community.

What is your favorite film about NYC?

“Nueba Yol”. I have seen so many films after that one which contain New York City, but none really connected to me the way this one did. Maybe it was because it was a film that tracks that traveling from what I knew as home to the NYC I later lived in. Also, a film in Dominican Spanish about NYC? Yes, please.

About the Artist
Gina Goico is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and activist. Her work focuses in identity and womanhood in the Dominican Republic and its diasporas, the self, community and healing. She has worked alongside grassroots organizations in the Dominican Republic for social justice and political accountability, and with nonprofits in NYC making art accessible to underserved children and youth. She holds a AAS in Fine Arts and Illustration from Altos de Chavon the School of Design and a BFA from Parsons. Gina was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and currently lives in The Bronx and works all across NYC.

Facebook: @GinaGoicoStudio
IG: @ginamgoico

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