“Wholeness Manifested: Sound Art Pop-Up Event” by Bianca Mońa (CC 2019) at Feeding Tree Community Garden

“Wholeness Manifested: Sound Art Pop-Up Event” is a series of sonic experiences, in the form of storytelling, to document the many entry points, to wellness in abundance.

Reverend Alonzo Q. Cox – St Martin de Porres Parish
Jessica Angima – Healing Artist
Aquila Norris – Owner of Soulwork Studios
Autumn Parker – Warrior Momma
Bérénice Kernizan – Certified Doula & Lactation Counselor
Akissi Britton – Yoruba Priestess
Dr Danett Bean – Acupuncturist
Khadija Tudor – Founder, Life Wellness Center
Jen Oge – Birth Worker and Creator

This event is presented by Bianca Mońa in partnership with the Feeding Tree Community Garden


Narrative Healing
lead by Jessica Angima
11am – 1pm
In our modern world, it is far too easy to become lost in the stories we tell ourselves and lose the truth of our basic goodness. In this workshop, we will use meditation and writings to connect to our direct experience and begin to reclaim our narratives. The air we breathe and the Earth surrounding us will serve as tools of abundance to explore our capacity to heal.
Please bring a yoga mat, journal/something that you write in as well as something to write with.

Art Talk
lead by Melissa Marthol
1pm – 1:45pm

Melissa Marthol will lead a discussion about the art making process.

Ritual cools the head: a public wellness ritual exchange
lead by Nia I’man Smith
2pm – 4pm
An interactive project that celebrates the rituals that exist within the tasks, routines, and practices of everyday life. Specifically focusing on the theme of self-care, participants will identify, discuss, and share the ancestral and/or contemporary rituals they use to keep their heads cool.

Conversations Con Comida
lead by
Bianca Mońa
5pm – 7pm
This gathering is a LIVE oral history to discuss food’s contribution to promoting emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. Samples of dishes will be available. Narrators include George Orwell and Dalilah Scruggs.

Bianca Mońa’s “Wholeness Manifested: Sound Art Pop-Up Event” is part of The Laundromat Project’s 2019 Create Change Artist-in-Residence Program. The Residency is for artists of color with a demonstrated record of developing community-based public art projects who are comfortable engaging their neighbors in participatory, socially-engaged work.