Public intervention of We the News and Workshop

We the News comes Uptown!! Come to check out the newsstand as it stops in front of Word Up.

We will be sharing space with Colectivo Amaranta, community artists and guests of honor appearing in the “Living History of 165th Street/La história viva de la calle 165”. They will be unveiling their mural which was created by collecting oral histories by community members nominated to appear to honor their history on this block. Different community artists did each portrait, as well as the text: quotes from the oral histories. Join us in celebrating the power of community art and history!

We will have an art-making workshop and other storytelling activities.

Come to see the newsstand, grab zines, and engage in conversations around immigration and race.

We the News is a newsstand that publishes and distributes immigrant-focused publications and products. It features zines that archive stories and conversations shared by Black immigrants and first-generation Black Americans during a series of story circles in Brooklyn, New York. The project is a collaboration with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) with the support of The Laundromat Project.