Narrating Community Power (Narrative in the Arts)
by The Center for Science and Society

What makes for a good story? Good narratives recognize and account for the fact that stories are complex and influenced by the perspectives of the person–or entity–telling the stories and the context in which the stories are told.

Hear from acclaimed artists about how they approach the challenge of telling authentic communal narratives through a range of mediums from film, community screenings, and gallery-style installations to the emerging technology of artificial intelligence (AI).

Stephanie Dinkins will introduce her project Not the Only One, the AI memoir of an American family and platform to create dialog about artificial intelligence as it intersects race, gender, and our future histories. Not the Only One challenges linear narrative by recounting stories that collapse past, present, and future.

Rachel Falcone of Storyline will share their participatory approach to documenting some of the biggest economic and environmental crises of our time, sharing media from their projects Housing is a Human Right and Water Warriors. How can stories that affect so many build power and create change?

Fred Chong Rutherford will share a story about his grandmother, Carbon Monoxide poisoning, and stories of Gwisin 귀신 in Korea.

Event Speakers:

This event is free and open to the public. Note – must be 21+ to attend. The venue is mixed seating/standing room.

Refreshments will be available for purchase. Please visit the event webpage for additional information.

Sponsored by the Center for Science and Society and Caveat.

This event is part of the Narrative in the Natural Sciences and Humanities conference. Separate registration is required to attend the remainder of the conference.

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