“Materials and Geometries” an exhibition featuring work of Lionel Cruet (CC 2019) at East End Culture Club

The East End Culture Club presents “Materials and Geometries” which includes works by artists from around the world. The artists are from Singapore, Colombia, Puerto Rico, the UK, New York City, and the East End of Long Island. Each artist utilizes different materials and techniques yet there is a strong connection among the works. Darlene Charneco uses nails, resin and wood to create her beautiful assemblages whereas Ricardo Arango practices welding to build up his intricate surfaces. Seren Morey works with personally pioneered ultralight and pigment dispersions to realize her rich textures while LeRone Wilson works beeswax and natural pigment like a scientist and sculptor. Lionel Cruet pieces together images uses a digital transfer and copy process whereas Matt Moser-Clark attaches lead and paper in an elegant three-dimensional presentation. Maureen Hoon’s use of vibrant acrylic colors and sewing into the canvas really makes for a strong dialogue with the other works. All of the works speak with each other.