Greening the City Festival: 16th Annual Hunts Point Fish Parade at Barreto Point Park

Join the LP at this year’s Greening the City Festival in partnership with The Point CDC, Kelly Street Garden and Build On on June 15th at Barreto Point Park from 12-5 PM!

We’re celebrating the diversity of cultural roots found in the Bronx.

12- 4:30 PM
LP Button Making

12:30-4:30 PM
Fish Parade Photo Booth

Share your Fish Parade outfit and celebrate the South Bronx’s biodiversity at our Photo Booth

12-3 PM

Did you know that the Bronx is home the largest indigenous Garifuna population outside of Central America? Join Anyana Yankunu in a movement + mask making workshop and learn more about their culture and dance as we celebrate all the different identities in the Bronx!

12-2 PM
Did you know Barretto Point park was once used as farm land for growing corn and tobacco by the Weckquaesgeek Native Americans? Join artist Fay Bonas as we hold space to honor this past and celebrate this fertile land through jewelry making with seeds!

12-4:30 PM

Learn about more about the LP and celebrate the Bronx through wearable art. Create statement on buttons!

2:15-4:15 PM

We all play an important role in our communities, let’s take care and celebrate ourselves. Join us at this sugar scrub workshop to create personalized self care items for yourself or a loved one