Black & Asian Elders Neighborhood Roundtable

Photo c/o Micah Brown Photo

The Liberation Series is a year-long effort to uplift Bed-Stuy’s thriving past and present in partnership with local stakeholders, organizations, and businesses in the neighborhood today.

By bringing historic places into conversation with today’s artists and community leaders, this series will continue to explore the central role of Bed-Stuy in shaping Black art, culture, and community in New York City. 

May’s Liberation Series centers Rest & Restoration, Senior Awareness, and AAPI Heritage Month. Like all Liberation Series events, each event in the series embodies one of The LP’s three themes: Make Art, Build Community & Create Change.

Create Change | In every community, Elders act as leaders, parents, and teachers who keep history alive and offer wisdom in service of communal wellbeing. With respect to AAPI and Elder Awareness month, The LP invites local residents to join an intergenerational event where Black and Asian elders and community members will gather around a table to speak about who they are, their life experiences, and the dreams they’d like to pass on. This event will serve as a platform for generations to come together and discuss what it means to care for a community, carry traditions forward, and advocate for change.

Date: Late May (RSVP for updates!)

Location: Quincy Senior Residences, 625 Quincy Street, NY