“Abrons 2018-2019 Visual Arts AIRspace Exhibition” featuring work by Emilio Martinez Poppe (CC 2017) at Abrons Arts Center

For nine months, 2018-2019 AIRspace Visual Artist Residents American ArtistEmilio Martinez PoppeTuesday Smillie, and Sasha Wortzel have maintained studio practices at Abrons Arts Center, during which they have developed independent projects, engaged closely with each other’s work, and participated in Center activities at large.

While each of their aesthetic perspectives are distinct in form, the Residents share a similar concern for political dynamics that shape human relationships to virtual, natural, and built environments. The works in this exhibition consider the potential for transformation in such relationships through strategies ranging from material accumulation to negotiations between visibility and opacity.

Opening reception is June 27, 2019 from 6 to 8pm.