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Dorysaura Nunez Reflects on Print Change

Print Change student Dorysaura Nunez reflects on her printmaking experience

We asked students from The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s Liberation program to share their experiences in our Print Change class. Read on for a reflection from Angelo Rodriguez.


My name is Dorysaura Nunez and I’m sixteen years old. I attend New Heights Academy Charter School and I am part of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s Liberation Program. In my time in the Liberation Program we have been screen-printing artwork about the theme of police brutality.


Police brutality—excessive physical force and/or verbal attack by a police officer—is a huge issue in the United States, and one of the ways we decided to fight against it is by screen printing. Not only is this a creative way to get people to listen about this topic, it is also a way to get people engaged in the fight against police brutality.


This is how I feel about the screen-printing process. It is something that is new to me, but I was very eager to learn about it because it’s so interesting. Screen-printing is great to do—the process is fun, but once it is complete the message behind it cannot be ignored. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


Print Change students at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol

Print Change students at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol show off T-shirts they designed and screen-printed. Photo by Michael Palma.


Overall, my experience in the Print Change class has opened my mind in a more creative way. I learned how to use the squeegee on the screen and the amount of paint that needs to be used in order for it to be successful. These classes are very fun, but you are also learning something, which is great for me. It made me realize how huge art can be to a person and to a community.


When I see art now I don’t just stop and stare, but I also think about the message of the art. I’ve always appreciated art, but seeing the process behind printmaking made me appreciate not only the art itself, but also the person who spent their time creating it. This has definitely been a great learning experience.


Check out more photos from the Winter 2014 Print Change class at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol here.

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