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Chet Reflects on Interning with The LP

Chet Kincaid reflects on his time interning at The LP

Program & Special Events Intern Chet Kincaid offered some reflections on what he learned working with The LP this summer. Read on for more:


As I sit here, a week after my official end to a life-shaping internship with The Laundromat Project, I cannot begin to express every great moment I experienced. Of course, every intern’s experience differs but my two months spent with The LP affected me on a personal level.


On my first day, I was thrown into the mix right away with all that was happening for the preparations for SOAPBOX 2015. From becoming reacquainted with WordPress, to assisting with SOAPBOX-specific tasks, I simply felt involved with just about everything; working closely with Akiva made the process run smoothly and efficiently. The many calls to potential silent auction participants and product pick-ups, the meetings at UrbanGlass gallery and working closely with event consultants from ESP PR, made SOAPBOAX 2015 a fulfilling experience. If you were in attendance, then you know just how great of an event and evening it was.


I will say it was a privilege to meet so many talented artists. They all embodied the individuality and creativity that you expect a true artist to display. The Create Change artist potlucks were always a great time: socializing and eating tasty food. Going out into the community and being involved is definitely another highlight of my internship. I was able to experience the final Create Change workshop leading up to this year’s Field Day, as well as take part in Greening the City in Hunts Point, The Bronx. Then there were the site visits to the studios of Shani Peters, Liz Hamby, The People’s Climate Art Collective and walking through Little Senegal, Harlem with Elvira. If you look at me, I’m dripping from the culture saturation.


Thanks to The LP, I was able to exercise my social media muscles. Keeping the Twitter and Facebook pages current was a start to a research project I conducted. In short, I collected data on which social media platforms The LP’s peers used and how they were utilized, then came up with solutions on how to grow public engagement with The LP’s accounts. I was able to share the results during our weekly staff meetings held every Monday—a chance to share what we had been working on in the previous week. It was also a reminder that work needed to be done as each LP member had to contribute.

Interning with The LP helped me to find my love for the art world again. It also helped to me obtain a clearer vision of what it is I want to do with my professional life as well as personal life.


Coming from The Bahamas, the race reality that exists in the United States is not one that exists there. While I always knew racism is terrible, whichever way you look at it, I still did not quite understand the viewpoint of most African Americans. Comprehending and understanding the race situation in the United States is also a problem for a lot of other Caribbean people. The LP made me a conscious individual and although I am still not to the point of participating in protests I will be someone to stand up for what is just. I want to say thank you to Kemi, Petrushka, Akiva, Yvette and my fellow summer 2015 LP interns for a great experience. I met a network of people that turned into family.


Chet Kincaid is from Nassau, The Bahamas. He is a rising sophomore at Pace University and is majoring in Economics. You can follow Chet on Instagram @1kincaid.


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