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Create Change Fellowship Guidelines and FAQ

You can also download the Create Change Fellowship Guidelines FAQ

 Overview and Guidelines


The Laundromat Project offers a six-month series of workshops and programs for artists interested in developing or deepening their practice of making socially relevant, socially-engaged art. Our Fellowship program is a groundbreaking effective, affordable, intensive training for artists interested in learning how to do community-based, social practice work better and deeper.


The Fellowship runs from April to October. Participation in the program requires a significant time commitment of roughly 200 hours including attendance and participation in the following:


• A one-day orientation

• Five workshops, trainings, and discussions

• Three Create Change Residency project site visits

• Three potluck dinners

• Two “Doctor’s” hours professional individualized consultation

• Five Field Day check-in meetings

• Field Day planning meetings with your team and community partners (as needed)

• Presentation of community-based, socially-engaged projects at one of three LP Field Days

• Attendance at other LP Field Days

• Graduation + Exit Evaluation

• Community Board and Partner meetings in one of The LP’s anchor neighborhoods

(Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Hunts Point)

• The LP’s Annual Public Art Potluck


Please Click and consult calendar of events to review exact meeting dates and times.


Throughout the program, Fellows meet with a diverse roster of artists, activists, arts professionals, curators, funders, and change agents offering strategies for creating and sustaining work that overlaps both the arts and social change sectors. Up to 15 Create Change Fellows will be selected to participate in the program. This opportunity is open to artists at all stages of their careers, all diversities, and disciplines.


Benefits to Artists


Access to an incredible range of information designed to deepen and expand

one’s socially-engaged creative practice.


• Access to a rich network of local and national peers, activists, arts professionals, curators, funders, and change agents.


• Formation of a strong long-lasting peer network where one can share their creative vision, strategies for change, and ideas.


 Access to a peer network of over 100+ Create Change alumni living and working in New York’s five boroughs and nearby cities like Jersey City, Yonkers and Philadelphia.


• As alumni, eligibility to receive grants from The Laundromat Project for future community-based projects.


• As alumni, eligibility to become a Create Change Commission artist, including honoraria and production support to complete a community-based project.


• Preference for ongoing professional opportunities, such as speaking engagements, press coverage, and commissions.


Who should apply?


This program is ideal for creatives who:


• Are already creating positive local impact with their artistic practice, or interested in doing so.


• Want to develop their individual artistic practices by incorporating tools for social engagement.


• Can commit the time and attention to participating in the program’s workshops, project planning meetings, potluck dinners, and Field Day. Fellows should expect to spend at least 200 hours over 6 months participating in the program.


• Be open to building knowledge about The LP’s anchor neighborhoods—Bed-Stuy, Harlem, and Hunts Point / Longwood


• Want to build community among artists working to create impact with their creative practice.




To participate in this program, artists should:


• Have a demonstrated creative practice.


• Be interested in (or already) making socially-engaged art.


• Live close enough to New York City to attend all required program activities.


• Be at least 21 years of age.


• Be able to attend all program activities listed in this document.


• Be able to spend 50 hours attending Fellowship workshops and completing related assignments.


• Be able to spend at least 150 hours over 6 months working independently and with other Create Change artists on group Field Day and related projects.


Selection Criteria


Strong Create Change Fellows have:


• Demonstrated record of artistic excellence in their work samples and resume.


• Familiarity or interest in local issues impacting their neighborhoods.


• Interest/Ability to actively engage non-artists in all aspects of their creative process.


• Capacity for critical thinking and analysis.


• Deep respect for their neighbors and desire to collaborate with a broad public.


• Ability to commit to all program activities.




The tuition for this six-month fellowship is $500. Please do not hesitate to apply due to cost. The LP will work with accepted candidates to make this opportunity accessible. Some scholarships and payment plan options will be available.


Should I already identify as a community-based artist or one that incorporates social practice within my work?


Not necessarily. We realize that traditional models of formal training for visual artists (be they based in universities or facilitated through residencies emphasizing individual aesthetic and/or professional development) quite often do not fully prepare them to work with and in a community in a sustained or even substantive way.


As our flagship program, Create Change was created to offer artists an opportunity to deepen or develop a public art practice that graduates from a model of placing static art objects in public spaces to one that emphasizes the ways art and artists can serve as catalysts for social action and relationship building (not just contemplation).


We realize that some artists may not identify as community-based artists or social practitioners, but are curious about making work in this way. We created the Professional Development Fellowship to provide a space where artists can build on their approaches to community-based art making and explore various approaches to collaborative art making.


What if I am a writer, performing artist? Do I have to be a “visual artist” to



Artists working in any art form are eligible to apply as long as they are interested in community-based art making. No matter the accepted applicants’ medium, Fellows will work together to develop a community-based, socially-relevant and socially-engaged project, which will be presented at The LP’s annual Field Day Festival.


I’ve already participated in several professional development workshops. What does this program offer that is unique?


The Create Change Fellowship is not a typical series of professional development workshops. Some of the topics and themes covered every year include: cultural organizing and community organizing, building local partnerships, deep listening skills, policy approaches for artists, sustaining one’s practice, and communication strategies. Our workshops are led by experts from the arts, community organizing, policy, and other related fields. We also believe in the tenets of popular education and draw from the immense and diverse knowledge of the Fellows themselves, whenever possible.


This Fellowship also allows artists to learn by doing while creating a project collaboratively with other Fellows and community members for Field Day. This powerful and experiential form of learning is central to The LP’s mission and core values, which we imbue in all of our programs.


Besides concrete skills and experiential learning opportunities, one of the greatest benefits we offer our artists is a network of like-minded practitioners making socially engaged and relevant art across mediums. The LP’s rich network includes local and national peers, activists, arts professionals, curators, funders, and change agents and over 50 Create Change alumni living and working in New York’s five boroughs and nearby cities like Jersey City, Yonkers and Philadelphia. Upon completion of this program, all Fellows receive a certificate and become eligible for exclusive alumni opportunities, such as LP grants and commissions for future creative projects.


Do I have to be a professional artist to apply? How do you define a professional artist?


As a community-based program we recognize that there are many accomplished artists who do not identify themselves as “professional artists” and/or do not earn their living solely from art-making. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate that they have a record of relevant artistic experience; a solid creative practice; and analytical thinking skills to offer to workshop discussions.


What is the time commitment for the Professional Development Fellowship?


Fellows will spend roughly 50 hours participating in professional development trainings, workshops, and discussions, but should plan to spend roughly 150 hours attending potluck salons, planning Field Day programs, and meeting with neighbors, community-based organizations and businesses in The LP’s anchor neighborhoods.


Can I apply if I am currently enrolled to a part-time or full-time college or graduate program?


Yes, you are eligible to apply so long as you are able to commit to participate in all Fellowship activities. Fellows are expected to commit approximately 200 hours over 6 months to participate in this program.

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