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“Iyapo Repository” At The Bed-Stuy Museum Of African Art with Salome Asega and Ayo Okunseinde

As we approach the peak of 2016 Create Change season, we have been checking in with our artists-in-residence as they make progress on their projects. We most recently had a site visit at The Bedford-Stuyvesant Museum of African Art (BSMAA), which will host 2016 Create Change Artists-in-Residence Salome Asega and Ayodamola (Ayo) Okunseinde’s project, “The Iyapo Repository.”

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Adalky Capellan and Terence Trouillot in Creative Conversation

2016 Create Change fellows Adalky Capellan and Terence Trouillot decided to have their creative conversation focus on the topic of food, but it turned out to be so much more. Together, they discovered that the histories behind Haiti and Dominican Republic are very complicated, problematic, and difficult, yet there is also so much shared between the two cultures through food, experiences, and stories…

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“Harlem Motion” By Havanna Fisher Newby

It was a sunny day in Harlem and quite an interesting afternoon when we met with Artist-in-Residence Havanna Fisher Newby. It is always exciting to see how an artist is coming along with his or her project and Havanna expressed enthusiasm during our discussion. Her “Harlem Motion” project is a vehicle for Harlem community members to discuss the changes being made in the neighborhood.


Harlem is truly in motion and Havanna could not be any more excited about the project and working with us. She wanted to leave the readers and viewers with a preview of what to expect from “Harlem Motion.” Take a look below at her video and interview.

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