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The LP in Bed-Stuy

The LP Moves to Bed-Stuy

In 2020, The LP marked our 15th anniversary with a new home in Bed-Stuy! A dream since our very beginnings as an organization, the new space, located at 1476 Fulton Street, serves as a community arts hub while also housing our administrative operations. Read the full press release for more information below.

The storefront is currently open by appointment only. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to inquire about a visit, and submit the health self-assessment prior to arrival. Review our health and safety protocols here.

We can’t wait to make art, build community, and create change with you.

What We're Up To

The process of identifying a single anchor neighborhood for The LP, and finding the right space to call our home, took time and consideration. Through collaboration of our board, alumni artists, local community partners, and other diverse stakeholders, we have developed a cohesive plan for deepening our roots in the neighborhood and amplifying the rich arts and culture ecosystem of Bed-Stuy. Learn more about our plans for community engagement, neighborhood conversations, and The LP’s history in Bed-Stuy.

Acknowledging Land and History

As we join the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Central Brooklyn, The Laundromat Project respectfully acknowledges that we are on the occupied and unceded lands of the Canarsie, who are part of the Munsee Lenape. We recognize them as the original stewards of this land and pay respects to their elders past, present, and future.

The Laundromat Project leads from a place of love, intentionality, and accountability. As we make a new permanent home in Bed-Stuy, we aim to honor and advance its long and rich history as a Black diasporic neighborhood. As a proudly Black-rooted organization, we embrace the weight of this legacy. 

We acknowledge the long-time gentrification and displacement happening within Bed-Stuy and the persistent injustices faced around police accountability, food and health access, and education inequities, to name a few. The LP has adopted a critical stance of deep listening to better build trust and feedback loops with our communities, prioritizing impact over intent. We understand that our vision is stronger and our destination is closer when we move with community front and center.

As an arts organization, we believe that art, creativity, and culture play an essential role in bringing people together to share stories and change perspectives while also nurturing spaces for joy, liberation, and celebration.

One of The LP’s central priorities is to foster authentic relationships with diverse Bed-Stuy communities. Grounded in our Values and POC Principles, we are committed to the following:

  • Centering, amplifying, and supporting the Black, especially, and POC communities of Bed Stuy, from residents and families to small businesses and organizations
  • Practicing community care by engaging Bed-Stuy folks where they already are and creating a welcoming space for the community
  • Foregrounding Bed-Stuy arts and culture that will help fight systemic injustices and build new visions of joy — in collaboration with those who were doing this work long before us

As we make our home in Bed Stuy, we want to hear from you. You are the experts of your own community, and we are honored and humbled to listen to you. What do you love the most about your community? How can an arts organization like ours be good neighbors to you? What do you want for Bed-Stuy? Feel free to respond via this survey.

We strongly believe that abundance is already within our communities. We know that we are many, we are more than enough, and that our communities encompass everything we need to work towards an equitable future. This is where we begin to shape our future together.

How We Got Here

Since our founder Risë Wilson first envisioned The LP in 1999, we’ve held a dream of operating our own public community art space, and had the opportunity to lay the groundwork for this practice at the Kelly Street Collaborative in the South Bronx from 2014–2019. Our new home in Bed-Stuy wouldn’t be possible without the lessons we learned working in partnership at Kelly Street—learn more about KSC here.

Our journey as an organization to our first long-term home has been one of creativity, abundance, and resilience. Explore The LP’s history and evolution below.

Learn more about our new home by tuning in to our virtual open house.

Share Your Ideas

We want to hear from you about your hopes, dreams, and visions for a creative community hub in Bed-Stuy! Drop a note in our Virtual Comment Box.

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