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Field Day 2017: Bandanna Quilt Performance with The Black School

Saturday, September 30, 4-6 PM Marcus Garvey Park, Enter at W. 120th St. & Mt. Morris Park W.

Join us for this Field Day 2017 Harlem event:


by Create Change Artist-in-Residence Joseph Cuillier and Friends

Saturday, September 30, 4-5 PM

Marcus Garvey Park, Enter at W. 120th St. & Mt. Morris Park W.


The Bandanna Quilt Performance is a live quilting ritual which will use poetry, movement, and music to activate student artwork created in The Black School’s summer 2017 workshops at The Brotherhood Sister Sol and various other locations. Live quilting and an installation of the quilt will be used as a site for a series of performances. The piece will be a co-creation with an ensemble of poets, artists, and musicians facilitated by The Black School.


Commissioned by The Laundromat Project in partnership with The Brotherhood Sister Sol.


About the artist

Joseph Cuillier is dedicated to art’s transformative potential, its effects on users, its ability to facilitate social interactions and social change. Joseph Cuillier engages with language in public spaces where he question viewers on the politics of domination in American society.

To find out more about Joseph Cuillier, visit their website here.

About the partner

The Brotherhood Sister Sol provides comprehensive, holistic and long-term support services to youth who range in age from eight to twenty-two. The organization focuses on issues such as leadership development and educational achievement, sexual responsibility, sexism and misogyny, political education and social justice, Pan-African and Latino history, and global awareness.

Learn more about this partner on their website here.

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