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Aya Reports from a Field Trip to the People’s Climate Arts

Aya reports from a field trip to the People's Climate Arts

Artist Assistant Intern Aya Clarke sent us this report following The LP’s field trip to the People’s Climate Arts Collective on Monday, July 27th. Read on for all the details:


Last week the LP Interns took a trip to visit Raquel de Anda, Rachel Schragis, Andrea Lomanto, Robin Laverne Wilson (also known as Dragonfly), artists and organizers from The People’s Climate Art Collective.


If you don’t know who the The People’s Climate Arts Collective are, I’m sure you remember that massive march that took place last year against climate change? With over 400,000 attendees, it’d be hard to ignore. This march was unprecedented, not just because of the sheer volume of people in attendance, but also because of how much rad art there was in accompaniment of the marchers. [Our 2014 Create Change Fellows organized an art-making party for the Climate March as part of Field Day in Harlem, with the Brotherhood Sister / Sol and WE ACT for Environmental Justice—click here for photos! -ed.]


This onslaught of art was no accident. We talked with organizers from The People’s Climate Arts Collective about their intentionality in making art a focal point of the march, by including it from the very beginning of the planning stages, as opposed to an afterthought as art has often been viewed in the past.


We also learned about the projects and victories that grew from this march. This includes the formation of several artist cohorts that splintered from the organizing body of the march, legislation that was passed as a result of pressure from the march, and their Sporatorium. Sporatorium is their pop up event, open to all artists, created to facilitate meetings and connections between a variety of artists in order to build community.

I enjoyed this visit because it was important for me to see what happens once high profile events, such as the march, end and the media coverage dissipates. And The People’s Climate Arts Collective seems to continue what they do best- meet, organize and, of course, make art.


Click here to read The LP interview with artist assistant intern Aya Clarke.


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