Art &


Art does not exist in a silo; it permeates our everyday experiences, adding a richness to the ways in which we see ourselves as creators and collaborators with each other, with our natural environments, and with the systems within which we operate and interact. Often, even without knowing or acknowledging it, each of us plays a part in the creative process. There is also an art to how we live and how we “curate” our lives; whether that be in how we serve our communities through our jobs or volunteering or in how we engage with our families and friends. 

At The Laundromat Project, we believe art is connected to every aspect of our lives. We believe that the creative ecosystem is essential to the nurturing, development, and sustainability of our communities – and that it works in tandem with other levers affecting our society. 

The “Art &____” campaign seeks to explore themes related to the broad and transformative power of art and culture in society, and The LP’s role in investing in and cultivating the relationships in New York City essential to that change. 

Our themes for Art & this year are:

Art & Archiving

Art & Education

Art & Healthcare

Art & Political Action

Art & Wellness

Art & Technology

This spring and throughout 2024, The Laundromat Project invites members of our community, new and existing, to join us in sharing the ways in which art and creativity are essential to your life. The LP’s Art & campaign is our way of expressing – and inviting you to share – the deep impact of creativity in our personal and collective experiences and the role it plays in shaping our communities and our lives.

We encourage you to learn more about the work we do and the ways we support artists and neighbors as change agents in their own communities through artist funding and development.