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Angelo Rodriguez Reflects on Print Change

Print Change student Angelo Rodriguez reflects on his printmaking experience

We asked students from The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s Liberation program to share their experiences in our Print Change class. Read on for a reflection from Angelo Rodriguez.


My name is Angelo Rodriguez, and I’m 17 years old. I am a senior at Validus Preparatory Academy and a part of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s Liberation Program. My experience in screen-printing was something new and exciting. I always found art interesting, so having the opportunity to participate in this project was an honor.


Our group learned many things like what paint to use, how to use it, how to position the screen on a paper or fabric, and finally, how to swish the paint across the screen with a squeegee. This gave me a new perspective on art and how it can be created. We used these art techniques to send a message about policing in our neighborhoods. As you may know, we the people are tired of our Black and Latino family being targeted by cops just because of the color of our skin.


Print Change students at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol

Print Change students at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol show off T-shirts they designed and screen-printed. Photo by Michael Palma.


The creation of our shirts helps raise awareness on the oppression that’s happening in our country. By showing these images we are challenging 3 different realities. We have an image where the message discusses how Mayor De Blasio and Bill Bratton are creating policies that stop us from having the peace we want in this system. Our second image is about how women are also targeted in a horrific way. The last image discusses how “Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott Heron. This means that the media is not portraying our movement but we can use our social media websites to actively do so.


Check out more photos from the Winter 2014 Print Change class at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol here.

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