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Meet our 2016 Create Change Artists

Meet our 2016 Commissoned Artists, Fellows, and Artist-in-Residence.

On April 23, we convened for the first time for an orientation with our 2016 Create Change artists—Commissioned Artists, Fellows, and Artist-in-Residence. A centerpiece of our full-day orientation was a workshop facilitated by Urban Bush Women on Entering, Building, and Exiting Community, as pictured above.


It was a great opportunity to get to know the artists in our 2016 cohort, hear them talk about their work, and engage in critical dialogue and deep listening about community engagement and more.


Artists’ Projects (Commissions & Residency)



Artist Fellows:

Rahviance Beme

Adalky Capellan

Walter Cruz

Vanessa Cuervo

Dalaeja Foreman

Ivan Gaete

Lindsay Harris

Sue Jeong Ka

Shamilia McBean

Lyra Monteiro

Salvador Muñoz

Autumn Robinson

Cynthia Tobar

Terence Trouillot

Claudia Zamora


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