Alejandra Nasser and Emilio Poppe in Creative Conversation

October 12, 2017

2017 Create Change Fellows Alejandra Nasser and Emilio Poppe embarked on their creative conversation much like a burgeoning friendship. In a moment of great wonder, joy, and change they wanted to first celebrate their unique and precious union through traditional commemorations such as a wedding or a “lit fuckin party”…. keeping all of their ideas for future endeavors to collaborate together safe and sound.


At the heart of their conversation was the idea not just of exchange but of sharing. To practice this, they gathered different images, readings, and links they felt compelled to share with you other over the course of a week. They then came together and talked over these selections (items, offerings) in person. In this collection shared below, they found memories, current anxieties and feelings of grief, healing practices, and loving gifts:


“Mama, please don’t scream ’cause I don’t want you to get shooted.” This footage shows the aftermath of Philando Castile’s fatal shooting by police.

  • what can we do now when we’ve done everything right?
  • What care will this child receive for their trauma?
  • Will they be put in foster care?


KING: Everything about the Seattle Police shooting of Charleena Lyles, pregnant mother of four, is wrong

  • what is going to happen to her kids?
  • what care will these children receive for their trauma?
  • will they be put in foster care?


what do reparations look like?


Intergroup Dialogue in Higher Education: Definition, Origins, and Practices (2007), Ximena Zuniga, Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda, Mark Chesler, Adena Cytron-Walker   Vigil Being Held For Slain Muslim Teen In Dupont Circle Today

  • ‘incident of road rage’
  • 57% increase in anti Muslim bias incidents


we have hatred in us as brown people. a genocide. a conditioning. a forced sterilization of our own and like a parasite attacked and nestled into our DNA is the oppressor.


Madness & Oppression: Paths to Personal

Transformation & Collective Liberation.

A Mad Maps Guide by The Icarus Project


Lamentation (1970), Martha Graham


what can we do now when we’ve

done everything right


6 After-Death Rituals From Latin America & the Caribbean


“i like the feeling of words doing as they want to do and as they have to do”

—Gertrude Stein


Artsyandblack Being conscious of
who you are and what you need as

Being conscious of who you are and what you need as a person is powerful @Princessnokia.

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ae black school

THE BLACK SCHOOL – Joseph A. Cuillier III



Tatiannatarot #Tarot #Meditation //


10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles is symbolic of long term success, achieving wealth on all terms. Pictured is a happy family rejoicing under an arch with an ancestor in the distance with symbols of abundance & luscious comfort. This is a positive sign that regardless of countless energy invested in overcoming challenges, working diligently & being persistent, a final point of completion will be reached in which you can enjoy your efforts & the reward it brings. There will be peace, comfort and prosperity in your life at the end of the road, all is not lost. The importance of family & community is highlighted in the illustration as a vital support system or perhaps motivational source. This can point to peace within your own, or working in tandem with close minded individuals & friends that have everyone’s best interest in mind. It’s a time of celebration, to bask in appreciation & the abundance that you already have. Wealth does not only represent financial prosperity but the ability to generate money through brilliant ideas, having a generous heart & feeling grateful. Focus on the present moment and how it lends to the results you want in the long run. Eliminate factors distracting you from this outcome. Consider how your actions influence you and those around you & work on establishing more peace in your life. This can be a prosperous time in your life; wake up counting your blessings if you doubt that. For those experiencing turbulence in their lives, the 10 of Pentacles can point to better days and deep healing transpiring in all aspects of your life. You can experience an increase in wealth, thriving love or a beautiful reconciliation & vital health. Spiritually, you may finally understand one of the Hermetic laws: “As Within, So Without; As Above, So Below.” What happens on any level of reality, happens on all levels. Get your inner state right so you can begin to cherish what’s around you externally.


 Sasha Velour | NIGHTGOWNS 1 | “Love Song For A Vampire”


 Paris Is Burning (1991), Jennie Livingston and the House and Ballroom Scenes of New York City

Amazon Mother Leiomy for Nike #betrue collection

Small Axe by Bob Marley

Being Lazy and Slowing Down (2014), Riyad A. Shajahan







stephanie elizabeth cc

Elizabeth Rossi and Stephanie Alvarado in Creative Conversation

October 12, 2017

2017 Create Change Fellows Elizabeth Rossi and Stephanie Alvarado have creative conversations through journaling. They began with choosing a journal and writing an entry, followed by a prompt. Both artists exchanged their journals for six weeks building on their creative conversation.


Questions included: What does a decolonized love look like? How has your love changed in the past 10 years? Tell me about a time you were a transformer? What are your rituals for healing?


Elizabeth Rossi and Stephanie Alvarado:

We are not only friends, but also respect each other’s art and minds. With this our writings were not only deeply personal but a reflection of how interwoven our values are to our everyday lives. What struck me about our writing was the focus on love. It was not a romantic flowery version of love, but rather real conversation as people who do political work engage in the topic of love politically and in our personal relationships.


An excerpt:
“I’ve tried. Put so much effort and not feeling anything but my beliefs and my values tug at my heart and my mind and my body to remind me of who I am. I am a warrior. I am a fighter. Agitator. I have to say what no one wants to hear or is afraid to say. It’s my nature. My love for freedom for our people. My love for our people and those that aren’t even born yet. It’s like I feel my ancestors watching me and proving to me that I’m on track with my purpose. My North Star is one that leads me to seek the truth of all the things that oppress us so then find a way to resist and dance in the face of it all.”


For us, the work in not about the jobs we are paid for, though we do try to incorporate it. It is in our love for our people. Our belief that our ancestors will lift us and guide us. It is in the friendships that hold and push us forward to laugh and work in the revolution with.