In the midst of an era fueled by generalizations and incendiary rhetoric, how do we share immigrant stories in a way that is reflective and representative of their complexity and humanity? We the News aims to amplify these unique stories… MORE
Black August Cocoon will celebrate Black August—an annual celebration of the African revolutionary struggle in the Americas—via month-long trainings and rituals. MORE
Inspired by community run schools founded throughout Black American history, The Black School: Harlem is an experimental art school that combines art making workshops with presentations and group discussions on radical Black political theory. MORE
Meet our 2017 Commissioned Artists, Fellows, and Artist-in-Residence. MORE
Since 2014, ID Shop has operated as a facilitator, working with art and public institutions to support homeless and immigrant youth in the process of applying for government-issued identification (ID) cards. MORE
The African proverb “ubuntu (uu-boon-tuu, Nguni-Bantu),” meaning humanity towards others, serves as the cornerstone for Tijay Mohammed’s residency project… MORE


An intentional space on Roosevelt Avenue for community members to have conversations, share knowledge and history related to issues of community safety in Jackson Heights MORE
The Khayamiya (Khayyāmiyah, Arabic) monument is a co-created public tent sculpture and community archive of the herstories of Arab women migrants/immigrants in Bay Ridge and U.S. female veterans. MORE
A series of exploratory stop animation workshops as a vehicle for Harlem community. MORE
A coquito helado cart, an icon in the Latino Bronx community, that documents the impact of climate change on communities of color. MORE
The Iyapo Repository is a resource library that houses a collection of digital and physical artifacts created to affirm and project the future(s) of peoples of African descent. MORE



Engaging and celebrating the Senegalese community in West Harlem through a public mobile installation and a formal exhibition of stories and photographs MORE
A public art exhibition of photographs along Tompkins & Myrtle Avenues, and an online archive of personal stories from Bed-Stuy residents MORE
Archiving and sharing the legacies of the Filipino community in Queens through a community-curated collection of video-based oral histories MORE
Creating an archive to celebrate the cultural richness of Kelly Street in the Longwood section of the Bronx MORE
Mixed-media mural project addressing racial justice and solidarity within black and brown communities MORE



Documenting the narratives of Harlemites through a compilation CD project. MORE
A sequence of city-wide community events that will invite people to come together and create a “portrait” of their neighborhood. MORE
Re-creating the Native American custom of trade in an urban environment and allowing a mutual exchange between neighbors. MORE
Creating bridges through visual art and storytelling between customers and neighbors of a local beauty salon. MORE
A social hub where community members can engage and share stories which will be collected Lonely Planet-style guidebook. MORE



A laundromat-based film festival screening independent media from 32 filmmakers and media producers. MORE
Stories, anecdotes, jokes, urban legends, and histories about buying and selling in the neighborhood. MORE
Creating a walkable timeline of Malcolm X’s life. MORE



An interactive media installation highlighting unfair and abusive working conditions still experienced by workers in Brooklyn’s garment industry. MORE
Sinema White brought her neighbors together to express their daily struggles and triumphs through song. MORE
Transforming a Jackson Heights laundromat into a yoga studio. MORE
Collecting and envisioning new ideas for connecting the Mott Haven neighborhood with the Harlem River waterfront. MORE
A temporary photo studio in a Harlem laundromat, capturing the identity and energy of a changing neighborhood. MORE
Using mosaic to bring attention to waterfront redevelopment and empower residents to become active in the discourse about community change. MORE
A fabric sculpture made from articles of clothing donated by Aisha’s neighbors. MORE



A series of literacy-based activities responding to public library budget cuts. MORE
A postcard kiosk responding to gentrification in Jersey City. MORE
Collecting emigration stories and representing their transitions with small metal planes. MORE
A platform for longtime neighbors to share perspectives on the changing face of Harlem through video and prose. MORE
Transforming an Inwood laundromat into an English language classroom. MORE
Building a definition of “home” through storytelling, oral history, and photography in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood. MORE



A workshop series aimed at creating a sustainable future through the cultivation of fresh produce. MORE
A boombox tower and community mixtape. MORE
A documentary-style animated short based on the oral histories of Jersey City and Woodside residents MORE



A hotline laundromat patrons can call to share their secrets. MORE
A multi-media documentary portrait of the struggle for “home.” MORE
A photo booth for participants to share their personal journeys. MORE



Harlem youth illustrate their visions of their neighborhood on ceramic tiles. MORE
A community book exchange and public performance. MORE



An artist book distributed to neighbors at the laundromat. MORE
A drawing cart inviting neighbors to sit, draw, and make conversation. MORE
A documentary film addressing the experiences of Haitians in the Dominican Republic. MORE