Claudia is a media-maker and anthropologist who uses photography, video and sound to explore the borders and possibilities between arts, community work and social disciplines. MORE
Adalky is a New York City born and raised artist. MORE
Shamilia is community arts practitioner using theatre, herbalism, music and the written word to co-create liberatory spaces in her community. MORE
Sal is an artist and community organizer living and working in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. MORE
Lyra is co-director of the public arts/humanities organization The Museum On Site, and teaches History and American Studies at Rutgers University. MORE
Autumn is a Harlem-based community organizer, documentarian, and cultural producer whose work meets at the intersection of race, gender, class, and activism and seeks to tell the stories of those most marginalized. MORE
Cynthia is an oral historian and media artist whose interested in making public history freely accessible to the community. MORE
Terence is an art writer and critic and is currently the Andrew W. Mellon Oral Histories Fellow at BOMB Magazine. MORE
Sue Jeong is an interdisciplinary artist. MORE
Lindsay is a media artist and critical educator, engaged in creating multimedia projects exploring identity, presence, and history – most recently working on a web-based project: Evoking the Mulatto. MORE
Iván is a self-taught visual artist based in New York. His drawings, paper constructions, photographs, videos and installations are multi-layered surveys that deconstruct the relationship between form and content. MORE
Dalaeja is a curator, arts administrator, community organizer, first generation Caribbean-American and Brooklyn native. MORE
Vanessa is a Colombian cultural worker and creative facilitator who believes in the power of art as a social transformational practice and a form of critical thinking. MORE
Rahviance is a true and thoughtful creator and artivist. MORE
Walter is a creator, collaborator and dreamer who seeks to create moments of critical thinking through his artwork and designs. MORE



Ola Ronke Akinmowo is a visual and performance artist, community activist, and mom. MORE
Hossannah is a writer currently based in Bed-Stuy who was raised near the 105 and 710 freeways in L.A. MORE
Stanley Cadet is a photographer based in Baldwin, NY. MORE
Maura Cuffie is a cultural programmer and arts administrator and one of the founders of the Free Breakfast Program. MORE
Dhanashree Gadiyar is an installation artist and educator whose work focuses on storytelling MORE
Ashley Grier is a singer and multi-disciplinary artist. MORE
Dominique is a visual artist and community organizer born and raised in Ecuador. MORE
Sarah Lidgus is a social practice designer and educator based in the East Village. MORE
Jason Maas is a multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and founder of the Artist Volunteer Center. MORE
Kristy McCarthy is a self-taught visual artist, hair braider, and community organizer currently based in East Harlem. MORE
Nicole is a visual artist working as a social worker who connects this work to her artistic endeavors. MORE
David Xu Borgonjon is a curatorial fellow at Wave Hill, who believes every idea should have an institution. MORE
Akadu Utah is a healer, liberation educator, organizer, and performance ritual artist. MORE



A playwright and performer whose narrative focuses on healing from sexual violence and the development of individual and collective memory. MORE
OluSeyi Adebanjo is a Queer gender-non-conforming Nigerian and MFA filmmaker working at the intersection of art, media, imagination, ritual & politics. MORE
A multi-disciplinary artist based in Hells Kitchen whose work has been exhibited at institutions including P.S. 1/MOMA, Rush Arts Gallery, and Longwood Art Gallery. She is a member of the tART feminist art collective. MORE
A self-taught, interdisciplinary artist based in Jackson Heights. Born in Lima, Peru, Ro’s work grapples with themes of memory, intimacy, and identity. MORE
A dance comedian, social entrepreneur, and the CEO of Denae Dance Theatre & DNA Comedy, Denae creates insightful absurdity with race, gender, & the daily hustle. MORE
A Crown Heights-based photographer, Leon is co-director of the Newark Black Artist Oral History Project, the Managing Producer for a Radio program on WBAI called Afrobeat Radio, and the Web-Reporter for a Japanese NGO called Peace Boat. MORE
A sound designer, clarinetist, and teaching artist who has fostered a strong connection with the Lower East Side. Rich studied clarinet with Alan R. Kay at the Hartt School of Music, where he was a music education major, and holds a B.M. in music technology from NYU. MORE
An artist, administrator, educator, and community organizer, interested in weaving together performance, oral history, scholarship, and activism to co-create experiences that allow people to access their strength and creativity. MORE
A self-taught visual and performance artist, full-spectrum doula, writer and founder of Colored Girls Hustle from Crown Heights. Her current projects and affiliations include: Echoing Ida, Body Ecology, The Doula Project, and the Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape. MORE
A media artist based in Jersey City, Nadia has worked in the media arts and social change sector since 2009 as a Paper Tiger TV collective member and a lead organizer at the Facing Race National Conference. MORE
A media and visual artist based in Lehigh Valley, PA. Sasha graduated from Bard College in 2010 with a BA in Photography. MORE
A ceramic artist based in Harlem, Sarah has participated in group exhibitions in Brooklyn, Connecticut and Japan, and most recently was accepted into the AIM Program at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. MORE
A visual artist based in Elmhurst who explores beliefs and behavior through drawing, installation and human interaction, often inviting the public to co-create these investigations. Social practice and physical making are both important in her work. MORE
An Egyptian American visual artist based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Katherine’s work has been shown in various exhibition venues, such as the Charles Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, and galleries in Brooklyn, Boston, New Jersey, and Buenos Aires. MORE
A Flatbush, Brooklyn based dancer, choreographer, and performing artivist, Nehemoyia believes dancing is the transformational healing of our personal and collective traumas, and aspires to offer this gift through community art. MORE