Ola Ronke Akinmowo Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Performance & Ritual Art   ABOUT THE PROJECT The Black August Cocoon will celebrate Black August via month-long trainings and rituals centered on Black women, femmes and gender non-conforming people gathering together to grow, create, connect and find peace and safety within one’s body. Community members will partake in self defense classes coupled with weekly ... MORE
Sue Jeong Ka Two Bridges/Chinatown, Manhattan; Corona/Flushing in Queens Multidisciplinary   ABOUT THE PROJECT Since 2014, ID Shop has operated as an intersectional liaison between art and public institutions to support homeless and immigrant youth apply for government-issued identification (ID) cards. During their LP commissioned period, ID Shop will start its third chapter; ID Shop: Round Robin. Using the concept ... MORE
An intentional space on Roosevelt Avenue for community members to have conversations, share knowledge and history related to issues of community safety in Jackson Heights MORE
The Khayamiya (Khayyāmiyah, Arabic) monument is a co-created public tent sculpture and community archive of the herstories of Arab women migrants/immigrants in Bay Ridge and U.S. female veterans. MORE
Engaging and celebrating the Senegalese community in West Harlem through a public mobile installation and a formal exhibition of stories and photographs MORE
Archiving and sharing the legacies of the Filipino community in Queens through a community-curated collection of video-based oral histories MORE
Creating an archive to celebrate the cultural richness of Kelly Street in the Longwood section of the Bronx MORE
Mixed-media mural project addressing racial justice and solidarity within black and brown communities MORE
A sequence of city-wide community events that will invite people to come together and create a “portrait” of their neighborhood. MORE
Creating bridges through visual art and storytelling between customers and neighbors of a local beauty salon. MORE
A fabric sculpture made from articles of clothing donated by Aisha’s neighbors. MORE
Building a definition of “home” through storytelling, oral history, and photography in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood. MORE