The Laundromat Project at Affordable Art Fair NY

We are excited to be a part of this year’s Young Talent Exhibition at Affordable Art Fair NY, which will feature works by Kelly Street Artist-in-Residence Dennis RedMoon Darkeem, curated by Ayesha Williams, Director of Strategic Partnerships. Dennis’s exhibition, Healers, Patchworks, Jingles and His/stories, critiques contemporary social and political issues affecting the U.S. and indigenous Native American cultures.



You can see Dennis’s work and speak with Ayesha Williams at the following times:

Wednesday, September 28: 6-9pm

Thursday, September 29: 11am-2pm

Saturday, October 1: 11am-3pm

Sunday, October 2: 2pm-5pm


Tickets for the fair are available hereVisit the Affordable Art Fair’s blog to learn more about this exhibition and read their feature on The Laundromat Project.