Community Mapping Toolkit

This Community Mapping Toolkit offers tools and strategies for engaging neighbors to generate participatory, interactive art experiences. Please download, print, and use!


Community mapping is a participatory action research method used to leverage the collective brilliance of neighbors, artists, and cultural workers. The process, rooted in deep listening and asset-based design results in community-responsive and creative tools, strategies, workshops, and interventions that support progressive change in neighborhoods.


Art Activity Worksheets

Lead a fun art activity at home or in classroom by downloading the worksheets below.


Mapping with Magazine

Maps are incredible resources that can be used to share information and help people get where they need to go. Where did you learn to read, ride a bike, or play basketball? Where did you acquire your first job skills? Where are places in the community that offer support and resources? In this creative map-making workshop, participants will turn maps of Hunts Point into vibrant collages that highlight resources in the community, and memories of knowledge and growth.


Harlem Street Jam

The soapbox is an honored Harlem tradition of self-expression and community empowerment. What story do you have to share? What messages does your community need to hear? How do we actively express ourselves and listen to each other? Explore various activities that use dance, poetry, and music to build connection and creativity on the street. Make moves, share and connect with your neighbors!


Who Do You Love?

In this interactive workshop, we will reflect on how we express our love. Who do you love more, your mom or your cellphone? Participate in a jewelry-making survey. As we complete the survey, we will create jewelry that reflects our answers and we will leave with a cool safety pin bracelet that will be a reminder of how we share our love.


Greenway Green Signs

The Greenway is a beautiful aspect of our community that we need to protect. In this workshop, we will learn how to design signs that will be posted along the Greenway to raise awareness around how we can protect and beautify our neighborhood. We will incorporate words, symbols, and vibrant colors to keep the Greenway alive and well!



Sewing Pieces of the City by Maya Valladares

This lesson demonstrates how to reuse worn-out fabrics as appliqué pieces, often simple shapes, and how to create a fabric picture of your neighborhood.


Kaleidoscopia Harlem Reflected by Kiran Chandra

Reflect Harlem while you reflect on Harlem in this workshop that demonstrates how to make a kaleidoscope using materials often found at the hardware store.


Bleach Batik Bandannas by Alice Mizrachi

Inspired by the process of Batik fabric dyeing, you can use your imagination, a black bandanna, and bleach to make a design that reflects a part of your neighborhood.


Collagraph Printing by Rosemary Taylor

This lesson shows you how to use colored ink and common household items to make fantastic prints inspired by the spaces of your neighborhood and your imagination.


Carry On: The Story of My Neighborhood by Elena Stojanova

This workshop asks participants to reflect on Harlem’s rich cultural legacy and to express their own opinions and feelings about where they live on tote bags.


Making Space for Gratitude by Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers

In this workshop, you will personalize a gratitude journal. Using text, images, and textures you will create a collage on the cover of a blank composition book.


Planting Love by Kathleena Howie

How do we see ourselves inside our community and what do we

need to help us grow, succeed and change? Paint a planted pot and take away a new perspective on the place you call home.