2016 People-Powered $40K Challenge

Between October 22-31, 2016, 49 People Movers got over 600 individuals from 39 states and 5 countries to help us collectively raise $45,685 for People-Powered art and claim generous matches of $2,500 from Theo Westenberger Estate and $10,000 from Tecovas Foundation.


Though we’ve raised over $45,000 of our $40,000 goal, contributions are still coming in! It’s not too late to make a donation and continue to support our 2016 People-Powered Challenge.

Watch this video to find out more about the 2016 Campaign:



What is the People-Powered Challenge?

The People-Powered Challenge is The Laundromat Project’s annual 10-day grassroots community campaign where we fundraise through the collective power of our friends, family, neighbors, and social networks to support people-powered art and strengthen our communities by getting supporters, new and old, to invest with us in our work.


This campaign is also an opportunity for us to invest in our community by empowering them with community organizing and fundraising skills. We provide growth opportunities for everyone through their participation in helping us reach our fundraising goal.


Why are we raising $40,000 between October 22-31?

This year is the 10-year anniversary of our Create Change program and we’re increasing our campaign by $10,000 from last year’s goal because we believe so much in the collective power of our community!


$40,000 raised will help The LP amplify our work into the next 10 years in the following ways:

  • 20 Create Change artists to become creative community leaders
  • 5 socially-engaged artist projects in 3 different neighborhoods
  • An Artist Catalyst to amplify community-building through arts and culture in the South Bronx
  • An after-school program centered around social justice through oral history and artmaking


What are People Movers?

Our campaign is powered by People Movers who help us reach $40,000 by committing to asking 10 people or more (friends, family, neighbors, etc.) to give at least $10 each during the 10 days of the campaign. We are inviting participants and supporters to imagine what they envision for The LP in the future and help us get there by advocating for and investing in our work.


Who can participate as a People Mover?

Anyone who has been touched by art or activism! We welcome everyone’s participation no matter how big or small. Sign up now to help us amplify creativity in New York City.


How can I find out more?

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions, please email devcomm@laundromatproject.org or call 718-574-0798.


See how our collective power has built the People-Powered Challenge over the years:

10 Days
516 Donors
$35,491 raised!


10 Days
496 Donors
$27,696 raised!



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