#10Years10Days of Creating Change

Letters from our Create Change artists in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of our Create Change artist development program and 10 days of our People-Powered Challenge. See more on social media with #10Years#10Days and #PeoplePoweredChallenge


The Laundromat Project really opened my eyes to how much work and dedication is required to create art that involves one’s community. MORE
I applied for a residency with The Laundromat Project because a major part of my work involves social engagement. MORE
We had just started recording stories for our project Housing is a Human Right, a creative storytelling project about the dignity of a place to call home MORE
I was drawn to The Laundromat Project and what they represent as an organization. MORE
I remember The Laundromat Project founder, Risë Wilson telling me an idea of starting an art residency in a Laundromat… MORE
We support The LP because we believe in the inherent creativity of our neighbors, and we value the role of artists in building just, healthy, equitable communities. MORE





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