Field Day 2017: The Free Black Women’s Library

Join us for this Field Day 2017: Bed-Stuy event:


by Create Change Commissions Artist OlaRonke Akinmowo


Saturday, September 23, 2-6 PM

Hancock T&T Community Garden, 324 Hancock St, Brooklyn, NY 11216-2401


The Free Black Women’s Library is an interactive trading mobile library that features a collection of 800 books written by Black women. All are welcome to trade books written by Black women with the library and take part in creative and fun exercises that explore themes in Black women’s literature.


The purpose of the library is to center and celebrate the brilliance, diversity and creativity of Black women as well as provide access to books and stories rarely told.


About the artist:

Ola Ronke Akinmowo hopes that her work evolves into there will always be elements of Blackness, femininity and magic within, because that’s who she is. She is interested in using art as a tool to provoke, heal, nurture and inspire deep emotion, critical thinking and perspective shifting.

Read more about Ola Ronke Akinmowo here.